Liberty Prep Freedmen


Liberty Prep Sports Academy is a Christian post graduate (PG) prep school/Juco located in Marion, IN. We are dedicated to helping young men reach their full potential in every aspect of life. Here at LPSA we believe that if we can get the student athletes to grow as men off the field they will receive their heart’s desires on the field. 

Our goal is to be elite at everything we do, from the classroom, to community involvement, to the practice field, to the game. We will cut no corners and will push our players to become the men God has called them to be. Our football and support staff go above and beyond to make sure our players are ready mentally, physically, and socially to play at a four year institution.  

We understand it is every player's desire to get a scholarship to a four year school right out of high school, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen for everyone. LPSA will do everything in our power to make sure the players who want to go on and play somewhere that they have the option to. 

We use the acronym TOUGH to represent our five foundational principals: Transparent Optimistic Unconditional God 1st and Honor. We believe a TOUGH individual is someone who strives to apply all five of these principals everyday because tough times call for TOUGH people.




     G-GOD 1ST


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